Books, Bands, and Shenanigans

I just like pizza and bands and some shows, you guys. Enjoy please. (I'll probably post hella spoilers sorry)


don’t you think it’s kind of funny that we have these characters with magical powers that go on incredible adventures and do amazing things and that’s really impressive but after a while we’re like “okay so what if they just owned a coffee shop. imagine them filing their taxes”

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becoming a demon seems like a good career option

i drove through 17 states on the way to work
i have been traveling in this desert for 49 years. generations have died. children have been born. when will i make it to the promised land
I haven't left a 20 mile radius in 2 years
please help me there are so many oranges they are attacki-


being an angry crier is the worst because people either feel bad for you or they think they won. like no. i’m gonna punch you in the jaw. i’m just crying i’ll still knock you down a peg.

Pete during “Saturday” at the last monumentour show

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ten word poem /// r.i.d

ten word poem /// r.i.d




getting a boyfriend looks easier in movies

how about I take you to one then?


Jensen’s ‘Jared did something funny' face

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